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Server Advertisement
« on: March 08, 2016, 00:01:47 »
I am very aware of the server capacity, and we are actually not even fulfilling the server, we never get into 50% of capacity, players left after the Zauharant Weapon wipe, we actually need to start planning to how to attract more players, old players that quitted dgn, maybe videos, spreading the existence of the server worldwide. run an event inside of the game, recruiting more people, new players, since GM's can track IP's there wont be players making 700 accounts and say, all 700 are my friends for example., give aways? "New comers will recieve xx cash and some standard items .. 5 IS , 1 soulcraft stone each?" i dont know , remember this are just some ideas of how to crowd the server, be aware that we have a lot of competition, if so, all we need is to analyze what this server can do that others cant, for example? We active players can have +31 weapon and hunt bosses easily and hlep other players, can earn cash by its own effort, its a giveaway "non cash" players, Post your ideas below. CALLING PLAYERS, THEY NEED OUR COLLABORATION, TEAMWORK WE CONQUER!


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Re: Server Advertisement
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2016, 00:24:10 » New private server.

In a world where Dragons travels the land and the heavens, there exists a civilization with extraordinary magical powers. The world of dragonica will take you to new adventurers discovering every of its riches and traditions. Since the Dragon War was over, dragons and humans lived in peace on separate worlds - humans on their homeland, and dragons exiled to the depths of the Aether.
Consumed by darkness and filled with revenge, the Dark Dragon Elga returned causing the death of the Dragon Lord and an invasion of the human world.
One thousand years have passed since the Five Heroes of legend defeated Elga in battle, and imprisoned him in the labyrinth prison of the Shadow Cabinet.
Peace never had a chance to reign and Paris, one of the Five Heroes that defeated Elga, wanted more and more power and offers a deal to the Dark Dragon Elga. Paris offers her heart in exchange for immortality and everlasting youth. In turn, Elga is promised freedom by Paris. Paris, however, betrays Elga and locks him up in Drakos Tower.
Our dragon heroes needs you, we need to stop the incoming destruction, stop the new war, DRAGONICA NEEDS YOU! Join us now at

Dragonica is a free-to-play 3D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The game itself has 4 starters:Warrior, Thief, Archer, Magician and aditional 2 new races apart from human, race called drakan that includes 2 more classes: Twin Fighters and Summoner.

Every class has 2 weapons that player can choose:

Warrior can use 1-Handed or 2-Handed Sword.
Thief can use Katar or Claw.
Archers can use Bow or Crossbow.
Magician can use Staffs or Spears. is a new private server of the old dragonica online, providing more exciting and new experiences, a lot of events, and more likely the server provides to those non cash players. How you ask? The game has a system it self that by your own effort you can get cash in-game.

Current max level of the server is 85.
We got x25 exp boost and some gold boost as well.
Weapons and Armors up to +31
No degrades on enhancing and high rates of success.
+1  ->  +10 = 95%
+10  ->  +15 = 50%
+15  ->  +20 = 25%
+20  ->  +25 = 10%
+25  ->  +31 = 5%
+ No Rollback.
Normal -> Advanced = 90%(Including Stone)
Advanced -> Special = 50%(Including Stone)
Special -> Artifact = 30%
Artifact -> Legendary = 15%

Ok im doing a temporal advertisement using this text. For example, just now, i jus tposted this to over 8 - 10 groups i have from facebook that I joined from another games that already been closed but group is still alive.
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Re: Server Advertisement
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2016, 19:14:23 »
I agree with Seira that we should advertise the server more. Ever since the wipes we've lost alot of players left, may of them being my friends.  :-\
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Re: Server Advertisement
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2016, 15:50:32 »
I agree with Seira that we should advertise the server more. Ever since the wipes we've lost alot of players left, may of them being my friends.  :-\
Call them back. :)

We will work more with advertisment btw.
We do what we must, because we can.