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Patch note 3.0.40
« on: June 07, 2019, 17:15:18 »
Patch note 3.0.40

- Max level is increased to 86.
(EXP x25 and x40 wont work upper 84 lvl.)

- Unity event is ended.

- Easter event is ended.

- 3 years event is ended.

- Mission Dragon Valley for 85 level is dropping cash too now.

- Wrong stats at galaxia sets are fixed.

- Secmathian Arms got new stats.

- Teleport to Arcadia city is available in Port of the Winds.

- New items are available in Cash Shop.

- New pets are available in Cash Shop.
Small cart will give 1 line in extra inventory
Medium cart  will give  2 lines in extra inventory
Big cart  will give  3 lines in extra inventory

- New [Legend]Secmathian sets are available in Drakos F4 mode.
Debuff Curse lv.10 - Physical and magic defense and all character stat are decreased by 37%.

Stats: ShowHide

If necessary, manual update patch can be downloaded from the game download page.
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