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[For newbie] Market
« on: April 13, 2018, 23:04:18 »

The market in «Dragonica» is a service that simplifies commodity-money relations between players. For all channels there is only one trading platform of this kind. Enter the market is allowed only in the city.

To enter the market, you need to click on the special button «Market», which is located in the lower right corner of the screen between the buttons «PvP» and «Item Mall».

For what you need the market? Of course to sell and buy items!

How to buy something?

You got three ways for searching interesting weapons, dresses, armor, rings or pets.

1. Just go to each shop in order.
2. Specify in the search bar the desired item, for example, "gloves", but it requires knowing the exact and correct name, given the size of the letters in the title.
3. Select item by parameters: select category, class, quality and level of the character. You can also search for items with seller's name.

As soon as you have chosen the right item and make sure that you have enough money for it, select it and press the button Buy If items on the shelf a lot, then enter the quantity you want. Note what the price is indicated per item. Confirm your choice.

You bought the item, look for it in the inventory.

How to sell something?

For sale, you need to click «My shop», located at the bottom of the market.

Then register the item intended for trading:

Simply drag an item from inventory to a new window, specify the price and confirm the selection (OK). If you change your mind and need to get it from the market, you must click «cancel».

The item is already registered, that is, appeared on the shelf, but the store still need to let customers in. To start trading, click «Open Shop».

When the store opens, the player has the option to choose its name and type.

By default, the store is called the name of the character. To change it, you need to click on the line with the name, enter a new name and click «Edit Shop».

In "Dragonica" there are three types of stores that change when you use a special license:
1. Basic Shop
Open only while connected to the game and maximum of 5 items can be registered.
2. Specialty Shop
Open either when you are connected or disconnected in game spending Shop Duration time or Offline Duration time. Maximum of 10 items can be registered.
3. Premium Shop
Open either when you are connected or disconnected in game spending Shop Duration time or Offline Duration time. Maximum of 20 items can be registered.

You can purchase licenses: Specialty Shop for gold from merchants and for Cashs in Item Mall, Premium Shop only for Cashs.

There is a system of «Shop Points», which affect the priority in the search for goods by other players. The offer of a more reputable store will be the first in the list of similar offers. Increase «Shop Point» you can with help of «Merchant Sertificate», which can be purchased with Cash.

Congratulations, now you can open your store and buy something you need!

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