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[For newbie]Game settings
« on: April 09, 2018, 14:29:07 »
Game sttings

Graphic settings

1. General setting
If you select High/Low, the settings are automatically set according to the characteristics of the computer. Select Custom to edit them manually.
2. Detailed settings:
Allow you to customize the quality of the game to your liking.
  • Background Quality: Sets the quality of the background, except for characters, monsters, and items. Low image quality can speed up the game.
  • View Distance: High level can improve the review, and low level can speed up the game.
  • Background Shading: Sets the level of detail in the background. High level makes distant objects clearer and low level can speed up the game.
  • Anti Aliasing: High level makes the character outlines and backgrounds smoother and the low level can speed up the game.
  • Bloom effect: the bloom effect can make the picture more beautiful, but disabling the effect can speed up the game.
  • Texture Filtering: the high level will improve the overall image quality. The low level can boost the game speed but due to the low image quality you can get less enjoyment from the game.
  • Texture Resolution: sets the amount of graphics for the characters and what surrounds them. The low level can boost the game speed but due to the low image quality you can get less enjoyment from the game.
  • Show other players damage:on or off display of other players damage.
3. Interface Color:
You can customize the colors of the interface to your liking. The default is yellow, but are also available pink, cyan and white.
4. Misc. Graphic settings:
  • Set Resolution: allows you to set the required resolution. Supports widescreen monitors.
  • Full screen: you can switch to full screen mode («On») or windowed(«Off»).
  • Vsync: synchronization of the frame rate in the game with the monitor frequency. In some cases removes artifacts and image twitches.
  • Glass Break Effect: the effect of hitting the screen when a dying monster hits the screen.


1. Background Sound:
Settings of the music volume. If press the "Off" button you turn off background music.
2. Sound Effects:
Sounds of battle, blows,objects and voices of the characters. If press the "Off" button you will turn off the game sounds completely.

Miscellaneous settings

1. Chat:
You can disable receiving private messages, friendly chat, group chat and guild chat.
2. Community:
You can disable exchange offers, invitations to guild, group and friends. You can automatically refuse invitations to a group or guild if you don't want to.
3. Item tool tip:
Increases or decreases the description to the items.
4. Names:
Show the names of the characters (NPC) and players. If this option is not selected, the names will not be displayed.
5. Item auto-looting:
Select what you need to automatically pick up gold, equipment, supplies, and other items. The character himself will pick up items by which he passes. If the automatic picking is disabled, the player will have to press the "space bar" next to the item to pick it up.
6. Combat:
You can turn on the permanent backlight of HP of your character and the MP of  pet. The unchanged view means that when the state is enabled, no skills will change the display of the character's head.
7. Help:
Enable / disable in-game hints.
8. Quest: choose what tasks you need to see now – all available or those that correspond to the level of your character.
9. Login alarm settings:
Turn on what you needed to see which of your friends, Guild member or your couple enters the game.
10. Navigation:
Under the mini-map, the world mini-map display is turned on/off.