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2.1.15-16 Patch released
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:32:10 »
Patch note 2.1.15-16 details:

Changes and Fixes

- Waiting time after kill bosses in Drakos tower and Van Cliff has been deleted.

- Added new ranking.

- Added schedule of battles in the arenas.

- Added function "Hide Chat".

- Fixed dressing room when player create characher.

- Added Secmathian Arms for 70 lvl.
Can obtained on Ellora Camp.

- Good Shop License is selling from Trade Merchant now.

- Added FAQ for players 1-20 level.

- Game interface updated.

- The "sand attack" of Kyrab has been changed.

This attack still hits you on the whole ground and pushs you back. The damage of this attack has been reduced to 1 (this has been done since many lower level players died several times when trying to fight this boss), but there is a 25% chance per hit that you get the "Flint Fire" debuff for a duration of 10 seconds. The debuff can be removed by using the "Needle".

Nostalgia Event

By collecting the monster drop "Strange looking Smiley Poster" you can obtain Heirloom Item boxes from the Vending Machine.
The following boxes will be available until April, 8th:

Nostalgia Box
(can be obtained for 10 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Vegas Stuffed Hat
Heirloom Kunkah's Wooden Shield
Heirloom Captain Hookah's Hat
Heirloom Alvida's Picnic Hat
Heirloom Rokko's Horned Helmet
Heirloom Elluman's Crown
Heirloom Karkharous Gloves
Heirloom Burlune's Mask
Heirloom Vella's Wings
Heirloom Bubobubo's Fancy Shoulderguard
Heirloom Paul Burnaun's Ring

Nostalgia Weapon Gasha Box
(can be obtained for 15 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Hookah's Double Rifle
Heirloom Alvida's Specialist Rifle
Heirloom Lightning Sabre
Heirloom Ahtoo's Claw
Heirloom Karkharous Two Handed Sword
Heirloom Arka's Harmony Staff
Heirloom Vella's Trident
Heirloom Lightning Oak One-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Two-hand Sword
Heirloom Lightning Oak Staff
Heirloom Lightning Oak Spear
Heirloom Lightning Oak Bow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Crossbow
Heirloom Lightning Oak Claw
Heirloom Lightning Oak Katar

Nostalgia Cape Box (Warrior)
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Cape of Courage
Heirloom Cape of Trust
Heirloom Cape of Belief
Heirloom Cape of Judgment
Heirloom Cape of Protection
Heirloom Cape of Light
Heirloom Cape of Fight
Heirloom Cape of Warrior
Heirloom Cape of Twilight
Heirloom Cape of Underground King
Heirloom Cape of Jungle
Heirloom Cape of Emperor
Heirloom Kimart Wings

Nostalgia Wing Box (Magician)
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Pixie Wings
Heirloom Butterfly Wings
Heirloom Angel Wings
Heirloom Lucky Wings
Heirloom Wisdom Wings
Heirloom Tinker Bell Wings
Heirloom Goldhorn Wings
Heirloom Illusion Wings
Heirloom Demon Wings
Heirloom Outer Space Wings
Heirloom Splinter Wings
Heirloom Desire Wings

Nostalgia Quiver Box (Archer)
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Wooden Quiver
Heirloom Improved Wooden Quiver
Heirloom Messenger Quiver
Heirloom Chaser Quiver
Heirloom Emboss Quiver
Heirloom Infinity Quiver
Heirloom Green Cursor Quiver
Heirloom Emancipator Quiver
Heirloom Spirit Quiver
Heirloom Craftsman Quiver
Heirloom Symbolic Quiver
Heirloom Specialist Quiver
Heirloom Kimart Wings

Nostalgia Muffler Box (Thief)
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Clow Muffler
Heirloom Turquoise Muffler
Heirloom Flame Muffler
Heirloom Plane Muffler
Heirloom Gate Muffler
Heirloom Blood Muffler
Heirloom Lilac Muffler
Heirloom Navy Muffler
Heirloom Storm Muffler
Heirloom Madness Muffler
Heirloom Mistic Muffler
Hierloom Death Muffler
Heirloom Kimart Wings

Heirloom Bone Weapon Gasha Box
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Bone Blade
Heirloom Bone Two-Handed Sword
Heirloom Bone Staff
Heirloom Bone Spear
Heirloom Bone Bow
Heirloom Bone Crossbow
Heirloom Bone Claw
Heirloom Bone Katar
Heirloom Drako Sword (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako D-Blade (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako Flame (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako Halberd (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako D-Chaser (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako Ballista (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako Slash (Zauharant)
Heirloom Drako Blow (Zauharant)

Heirloom Bone Set Gasha Box
(can be obtained for 7 Smiley Posters)
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Paladin Cape
Heirloom Bone Dragon Invoker Wings
Heirloom Bone Dragon Pathfinder Flag
Heirloom Bone Dragon Rogue Muffler
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Helmet
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Gloves
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Shoulder
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Shoes
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Top
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Bottom
Heirloom Bone Dragon Myrmidon Cape
Heirloom Bone Dragon Warmage Wings
Heirloom Bone Dragon Specialist Flag
Heirloom Bone Dragon Assassin Muffler

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Re: 2.1.15 Patch released
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 12:42:30 »


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Re: 2.1.15-16 Patch released
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2018, 12:31:54 »
why i cant start the game?it said the code excution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found how can i solve this problem


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Re: 2.1.15-16 Patch released
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2018, 20:17:09 »
Same Problem cant start the client


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