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Game Rules
« on: July 21, 2017, 23:07:35 »
Game Rules
First of i would like announce to our beloved players on behalf of our admins that there are some game rules that must be followed or it will result in temporary or permanent bans depending on the players situation.

A warning and chance will always be given to all players at least once depending on the situation. Please remember that all staff members of the game will a [STAFF] or [GM] Tag beside their names in the game. If you see someone without the tag pretending to be a staff member please report it to the staff or admins immediately. The list of Admin and Staff members are as shown below.

Amata/ Admin
IGN: Amata

Dmytro/ Admin
IGN: Lions

Tina/ Moderator
IGN: Tina

Note that this list may have changes in future.

1: Fights between 2 or more players should be kept private and must not be influential by other players who are not involved.

2: Insults, harassment or threats to other players will not be dealt with lightly.

3: Intentionally advertising other private servers is not allowed.

4: Excessive defamation can result in multiple forms of punishment depending on the level of grief.

In Game

1: Third party programs and editing of game files for advantage is not allowed.

2: You must not exploit bugs and glitches intentionally. If the exploit causes inconvenience to a players, you will be punished depending on the severity.

3: Do not spam megaphone or love cards with very unnecessary messages.


1: Leeching or Afking in Battlesquare for rewards is not allowed, punishment can vary depending on severity and other factors.

2: Running in the battleground with multiple flags without battling for flags/points will be warned and punishment will be applied depending on the amount of warning ignored.

3: Team changing towards the winning team to get rewards are not allowed and will also be given a warning.

4: Lane hopping in Emporia War ground are not allowed, first warning will be given.


1: Do not double post

2: Do not post meaningless comments only to gain higher post count. This will be regarded as spam and the comment will be removed.

Reporting players

If you have reasons to report a particular player on exploit/bugs/battlesquare or emporia please send a message via forum live chat or you can message any of our admins in the forum. For in game reports you can send via mail to any of the active staff members in the game.
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