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1.0.1 patch note
« on: February 13, 2016, 13:15:34 »
1.0.1 Pre patch note:

- Fixed name and description of EXP Potion x25 in Cash shop.
- Increased stats of starter gear and weapons for 40 lvl.
- Fixed error with incorrent effect from EXP Potion x25.
- Fixed some items, that players can buy from Gear Up Event Manager.
- Fixed text color at character create screen.
- Fixed error with level limit of starter gear.
- Health of bombs on F7 is reduced to 1 HP.
- Time of players expectation on Breeze Run event is increased to 3 minutes.
- In the Cash shop added new pets.
- Fixed error, when players can not enter to locations: Breeze Run, Abyss Arena and Black Claw Nest Outpost.
- Removed Black Market Merchant from Odellia.
- Fixed bug with gold dupe.
- PvP Ranking Mode is now avialable 24/7.
- Twice increased CP points in PvP Ranking Mode.
- "Login Event" items can't be traded, selled to NPC or selled on market. On v1.0.2 selling to NPC will be returned, with double cost.
- Fixed error with incorrect (higher) gold and drop rates.
- Items, that no longer selling to vendor:
Armor Enchant Dust
Weapon Enchant Dust
- Changed quest "3rd Class Promotion - [PvP]".
Now, for quest finish players needs CP only.
- Changed quest "3rd Class Promotion - [Achievement and Hidden Map]".
Number of achievement points for quest lowered to 500.
- Amount of Cash from event "Stay Online" increased to 20.

Dragonica Online.
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